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Hack This Site Forum • View topic - Getting someones IP address from a forum

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Our support team is here to help you! Contact Support. If he's going to go that far, he might as well privately invite everyone except the Mod and the troll to his new forum and give up the vendetta. Then he can actually be the responsive and responsible calibre of Mod that his current Mod apparently isn't. The moderator doesn't care much What exactly doesn't the mod care about? If the mod doesn't care to learn the technical details of how to track down the troll, you might be able to help Even if you present concrete proof, presenting it to an uncaring moderator who isn't interested in following up is a complete waste of your time and his or hers.

If you don't already know, ask the mod why he or she isn't acting. It could even be board policy.

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It's pretty hard to trick, force, or embarrass a moderator into doing your bidding without becoming a troll yourself. You may be stuck with this problem. A couple of comments: 1. The consensus seems to be: leave the troll alone and move on, there isn't much you can do anyway. Nope, I still want to fight. It's a private forum owned by the moderator there is nobody else to complain She the mod is very technically minded but has other projects and full time job ,family..

To set up my own web site or start social engineering on Wikipedia is a bit of overkill :- 4. The regulars on the forum are divided on whether troll's messages belong to the same person o not ,so a proof that they messages indeed belong to the same person will suffice.

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Request Mod status from the board owner, perhaps noting that you have the time and inclination to take care of the site in her absence, thus saving her the headache. I second Nanoda's suggestion.

How does someone track my IP address in the forum??

Mod status may be just an email away. If not, perhaps the owner would give you junior mod status, without a lot of powers, so that you could see what you want but she was still in control of doing anything about it. Another possibility is to ask her to turn on "visible IP".

How to Trace Someone's IP Address / Track down Cyber Bullies

This in an option on all board software, where IP appears on every post, and dissuades the situation from arising at all. I have emailed the mod. She refused to give me a status, but promised to set up a compulsory registration. Whether it's gonna help remains to be seen. Meanwhile I still looking for a way to trap the guy without involving the moderator. You need more than the mod, you need the admin to get involved. I don't know about other forum softwares, but I run two vBulletin forums.

Publicly available information

At least in the newest version there are a few hacks that can at the very least inconvenient a poster enought that they'd quit. But only an admin can do anything about, maybe mods don't have access to IPs, and even if they did they wouldn't know what exactly it means, or what to do with it.

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  6. Plus, if you are trying to start a war in a forum where you are not the owner, or even a mod, I don't see much difference between you and the troll. It's not your forum, and unless you are a paying user, I don't see much you can do. Move on.

    Forum:Show IP address to user

    It doesn't sound like he's trying to start trouble or a forum war, he seems to be annoyed by a sock. They are annoying! You have my sympathy because there's nothing worse than posting on a board you really love and have an absentee mod or admin. That's probably the problem. Unfortunately if the admin doesn't want to get involved, there really isn't anything you can do. That won't help with all IP's though, will it?

    I doubt if it would help with AOL. His words: 1. Maybe I misinterpreted it? As I said, if the admin doesn't want to do anything about it it is not his job to. It's not his forum. Time to move on. The forum software has been developed by her and is not of-the-shelf variety.

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