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Minor applicants must be at least 16 years of age and have parental consent. The ceremony may only be performed by members of the Gospel and by officers authorized to administer oaths in South Carolina which include accepted Jewish Rabbis and SC Notaries Public. Applicants who have been divorced within the past year must provide a clocked copy of the divorce decree.

The ceremony must take place in South Carolina, but not necessarily within the county where the license was issued. Credit card payment is accepted. If you received your license in another county you will need to contact them. County offices will be closed on Monday, November 11th in observance of Veterans Day More Information. A blood test is not required.

Witnesses are not required. Marriage licenses do not expire in Florence County.

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We do not issue marriage licenses to inmates. Investigating requires subpoenas, interviews with third parties, appraisals, home and business inspections, and more, all of which take time. A minimum subpoena turn-around time, for example, could be as little as two days or as much as 30 days or more. Investigation here also may require subpoenas, interviews, and inspections. These also generally take longer than 30 days to complete. In most states, courts are so backlogged that trials occur well after your waiting period expires.

Add to this the time required to prepare and file witness lists, exhibits, trial summaries, and to interview witnesses and prepare your testimony, and you could be waiting a long time for your divorce. In some states, the grounds you have to prove to obtain a divorce depend on how long you wait for a divorce, as well.

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That being said, if trial is on the horizon, you will want this time to prepare adequately to present your case. Minimizing Collateral Consequences: Like the explicit or subtle purpose to make couples reconcile, for most couples divorce waiting periods also force both spouses to consider collateral consequences. What will happen to our children, and how can we minimize the impact on them?

What will happen to my credit score, and who do I consult for financial planning and when? Where will I live, and should I attempt to buy a house now? These issues, and more, will need to be addressed while your divorce is pending so that you have a sound, workable plan when your divorce concludes.

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Frankly, a quickie divorce — like a quickie marriage — is a bad thing for most guys anyway. Jennifer M. My husband and I have been married for 22 yrs. In , after our sexlife went from average to non existent over the course of a year, he admitted to an internet porn addiction after I confronted him with his internet history. I was so distraught that I had to quit my job.

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Long story-short, We have been in and out of counseling since then and nothing has helped. We sleep in separate rooms and no longer have a sexlife. Also, he pays the bills, does this mean I have to leave the home when we separate? For some couples, these waiting periods may seem just short of common sense. The last 17 were pretty rough and it seems the harder we tried, the worse things got. There was marriage counseling, along with counsel from our ecclesiastical leaders.

I think people in our situation should be exempt from a waiting period, and other things should be considered in each case, such as ages of the children, how long you were married, how long you were separated, is the divorce uncontested ours was?

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I had a bad experience with the one year waiting period in South Carolina. After 18 years of marriage and without grounds my wife filed for divorce. And even though to court recognized that I had done nothing wrong and did not want a divorce the judge ordered me from my home, separated me from my child, and forced me to pay separate support and maintenance.

The amount I had to pay was so great that I could not support myself with the remainder of my income. The difference, in the conditions during the separation, was only slightly more severe than the conditions after the divorced.

divorce in south carolina wait times Divorce in south carolina wait times
divorce in south carolina wait times Divorce in south carolina wait times
divorce in south carolina wait times Divorce in south carolina wait times
divorce in south carolina wait times Divorce in south carolina wait times
divorce in south carolina wait times Divorce in south carolina wait times

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