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We get phone ownership data from telco companies around the world including Canada. We keep in up to date so you never have to worry about the freshness or accuracy of the data. We will magically find the true owner of the phone. Being able to enter the phone number and find out who owns the phone is called number lookup or name lookup using phone number.

We all always run into situations where we have received a phone call from Canada and we want to find out who owns the phone. We make is simple to lookup names using phone numbers for more than 1 billion unique phone numbers including all phones in Canada. We are now trusted site for millions of users around the world who use our technology to lookup phones in Canada. Zlookup is your only choice. We offer free lookups for all countries. The process is simple and completely free.

You do not have to sign in or sign up to reverse lookup phones in Canada. What can phone validation tools do for you? If you do any telephone or SMS-based marketing or customer contact, they can do plenty, including:. For starters, it is hard to do telephone marketing without a phone number. It is a real-time API that cross-references US and Canadian name and address records to append missing business and consumer phone numbers. You give Phone Append the name and address of a contact, and it will match this data against proprietary databases of over million US and Canadian phone numbers.

In addition to returning a number, it will let you know if it is a business or residential number, whether it is a landline, wireless or VoIP number, and validated address data. Unwanted marketing contacts, particularly by phone or text message, make your company look clueless at best — and when it happens regularly, it can hurt your brand reputation. And one of the most common causes of these lapses is when phone numbers change hands. The cure for this? Good business practices, combined with a little automation. In the former case, it is essential to re-verify your phone contact before every campaign to make sure that your contacts are still, well, your contacts.

Armed with this data, you can market with the confidence that good data hygiene provides. Of course, there is a lot more at stake than your reputation when you make unwanted telephone or SMS contacts. In fact, several well-known corporations have faced multi-million dollar judgments as a result of being careless about TCPA compliance. And even stricter potential legislation is now in the pipeline. The same GeoPhone Plus capabilities give you the confidence to know that your phone contacts are the same ones that originally opted in to hear from you, and additionally flag wireless numbers for special attention.

Combined with a strong opt-in process, this kind of verification is inexpensive insurance against a problem that is often just a consumer complaint away.

How to See Who Owns an 800 Number

Finally, not every telephone contact is a good one to have on your lists. GeoPhone Plus flags these numbers so you can review or take action about these contacts ahead of time. Tools such as Phone Append and GeoPhone Plus fit well within a broader approach to contact data hygiene, including address validation, lead validation, optional demographics, and more. This process starts with good data intake and opt-in procedures, to ensure the right contacts get on your list in the first place.

Then, as mentioned previously, re-verifying data at the time of use helps protect you from changes and compliance issues. Our tools are based around API interfaces that let you build validation capabilities directly within most of the popular call center software, CRMs and marketing automation platforms. And we make it easy to test-drive them ahead of time, with on-line documentation and live demos right on our website, and a free sample key that lets you test your implementation on us.

Combined with our friendly and knowledgeable technical team, we can make phone validation capabilities easy — and profitable — for your business.

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This article provides a guided tour of some of the most important data that this product returns. Geophone Plus adds wireless contact numbers as well as aggregating a number of extra data sources and other features that will be described more thoroughly in this blog. Customers use this service to do things like clean up CRM, marketing automation, or other databases, validate web forms on the fly, append missing data, or help call centers more quickly identify callers.

The provider information is basic information about the telephone company that services a block of numbers. All numbers in the US or Canada are organized into blocks of 10, numbers and assigned to various phone providers. Occasionally these are subdivided again into blocks of 1, numbers for smaller providers. The first 6 or 7 digits tells you who the provider is. This service names the provider that owns the block, the city and state it services, their latitude and longitude and the line type for the block landline, wireless or VOIP.

For a landline number, the city and state should be pretty closely married to the area where the landline is. However, for a wireless number, line owners are free to move around and the city and state would only represent where the user initiated the line and not necessarily where they are now.

This means the line type should always be accurate and is very important to users that need to know if they are attempting to call a wireless number. The contact information reveals details about the phone line subscriber. Address, City, State and PostalCode are from the address tied to the line subscriber.

Browse People by Name

PhoneType attempts to identify the phone number as belonging to a residence or business. Latitude and Longitude are the coordinates of the address specified in the contact. For business contacts, we may also return an extended SIC code and description. This could be useful for categorizing leads into industry verticals.

However, the data is not always available via the phone records. This score reflects how accurate Service Objects views the returned data. It is influenced by many things, such as last data verified, data source, collaborating data sources, phone type, and line type. We aggregate multiple sources together, and some of those sources indicate their own confidence level as well. Business data tends to be more readily available and of higher quality, while wireless contact data is the most difficult to both obtain and keep accurate.

No wireless dataset is perfect, and not uncommon in any dataset to have inaccuracies. Notes are part of the miscellaneous data available in a GeoPhone Plus result and are very important. They can be informational, or even trigger alternative actions for users consuming the service.

, , , , and area codes

A current complete list of notes can be found in our Developer Guide under Codes, Notes and Corrections. Proper identification of disconnected numbers is a very challenging task; there are many offerings that offer partial solutions, but we have yet to see one that is perfect and it may likely be impossible. A new solution is being implemented for our Lead Validation service in the near future that may also find its way to Geophone Plus as well, so stay tuned! In addition to provider, contact and notes data there are several other fields available.

Hopefully, this blog provides a deeper understanding of our reverse-phone lookup service, Geophone Plus, and gives some insight to the inner workings of the service, as well as a bit more depth on how to use some of the results. Please contact us if you have more questions! Written by Rob Manser, Marketing on July 9, Posted in Business Solutions , Product Alerts. A phone number is more than just a way to contact someone: with the proper tools, it can be a gateway to a rich set of information that can power your marketing, customer service, fraud prevention, or compliance efforts.

We have two powerful products that let you choose the right level of capabilities — and costs — for making the most out of your telephone contact data assets. Both of these products are based around reverse phone lookup: you give us a phone number and we will tell you everything we know about it. This blog explains the differences between these two products, together with some sample use cases. Here is a quick summary of their capabilities:.

The basic GeoPhone product gives you the power to validate phone numbers and gain greater insight about your customers and prospects, while GeoPhone Plus adds deeper contact information, including mobile data, business intelligence and compliance data from an expanded data set.

Protecting your reputation

Use provider latitude and longitude data to learn more about where your customers and prospects may be located. Market segmentation.

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  • Create custom business logic for residential, business or government phone numbers. Basic GeoPhone is often a cost-effective choice for doing contact data validation with businesses, which still largely use either landline or voice over IP VoIP numbers. Fraud prevention.

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    TCPA compliance. The expanded wireless number information from GeoPhone Plus, including porting dates and information, let you know if your phone contacts have changed hands or been ported to wireless phones — helping you avoid potentially strict penalties for marketing to wireless phones under the US Telephone Consumer Protection Act.

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    Gathering expanded contact information. Get full contact information from your wireless, landline and VoIP phone data, allowing you to validate these numbers against your existing contact database. SMS and MMS gateway information also gives you the ability to port email contacts to text messages on wireless phones. Improved market targeting.

    reverse lookup toll free numbers canada Reverse lookup toll free numbers canada
    reverse lookup toll free numbers canada Reverse lookup toll free numbers canada
    reverse lookup toll free numbers canada Reverse lookup toll free numbers canada
    reverse lookup toll free numbers canada Reverse lookup toll free numbers canada
    reverse lookup toll free numbers canada Reverse lookup toll free numbers canada

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