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No not thousands or even one thousand, I am grateful for the angels. I hope the new year brings a good health and happiness to all. We try to help as much as we can by finding helpful programs like cheap Internet programs and veterinary care assistance programs but I definitely wish there were more resources out there — especially for food!

I was wondering if possibly you could see what help is around in the Texas Gulf area. I am the mom of a 8 yr old and I need a means of transportation to start working and get him to his school and tutoring. It is struggle daily to get anything done and I was wondering about internet and a device to use it for classes and him to work on his dyslexia. Hey, Lacie! You can find everything I know about Internet by clicking here. Our research list is quite long, so for urgent needs I recommend contacting your local United Way, Salvation Army and Community Action Council for community referrals.

They will probably be able to help you faster than I can. You just listed all the services I usually send people to. In the meantime, maybe try a fundraising site like GoFundMe? My other 3are special needs I live in Vegas. I get help for them but right now my car OK Gave up on me.

Hi, Ana!

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It sounds so overwhelming! They have detailed resource lists and may also be able to assist you with transportation to your appointments, school supplies for your children and more. I am in wellston michigan in need of car repair program for very low income…and work from home single grandparent… please and thank you…. Hi, Christine! Hi nicloe, absolutely great article! I was wondering if you knew about any assistance in New Jersey? I recently purchased a vehicle from now that i see not a honest person.

It has been two days and the car has started to fall apart. Car looks great on the outside but inside is a horrible mess. They told me they made the repairs prior to me buying and at the price I could not pass up.

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With a kid and another on the way I feel like the walls are closing in and fast. Work is about one hour travel time. This car looked very reliable but the owner like I said was not honest. In the meantime, I recommend contacting the United Way and Salvation Army for information on local resources.

It is too difficult for me to keep a steady job while in college because I do not have money or family to help watch my son. I am low income and do not receive a penny of child support or any cash assistance. I feel like it is a blessing I have found this site, but many of the resources seem to not be in my area. If you have any information it would be a HUGE help. I live in Waukesha County, WI. More specifically Delafield, WI. Thank you so much for everything you do on this site!! Hi, Maria!

In the meantime, Amelia recently wrote this article that shows how she makes money just by going to college. Click here to read it. Hopefully that can help! I too am in Hartford Wi. Hi Jennie! Hi, Shanon! Hi, Wendy! In the meantime, you can find this information by calling or visiting your local United Way directory! It is overheating.

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I have replaced the radiator, water pump, thermostat, timing belt, plugs, wires, etc. Is there a place that can fix or replace my car in the Phoenix, Arizona. A grateful vet. Hey, Henry! My application won last year, which was really exciting. You can click here for more information about the program, how to apply and how to write a winning statement. When my first husband passed away the funeral home arranged for his cremation with the assistance from the Soldiers and sailors fund, without my asking.

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Not all will do it on their own, so I was just throwing that out there. I have only owned a car for a few months of my life. That one was donated. Hi, Geoff! I have a Ford Windstar that needs engine and transmission work as well as some electrical in the instrument panel. I have very limited resources and they are about to go lower. Is there anyone in the Cherokee NC area that fixes cars for poor people.

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I want to sign up to be a substitute teacher so, I need reliable transportation. Hi, Daniel!

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Becoming a substitute teacher is an awesome goal. In the meantime, I highly recommend calling or searching your local United Way database. They might be able to help you faster than we can. Needless to say. I usually manage to grab a ride once every weeks to get some groceries but it is difficult as I am wheelchair disabled and no one has a wheelchair accessible vehicle so I have to manage as best I can. If you know of one, please let me know.

This site has been very informative! Hi, C! I also live in a rural area and transportation without a working vehicle can be so frustrating. I will be writing a comprehensive write-up on transportation resources soon.

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Thank you for the info. I live in Orange County, CA and am looking for assistance with auto repairs. I left a message for Salvation Army, and am contacting other agencies, with no calls back yet. Hi, Ami! Have you contacted the United Way yet? Hello, Ami I live in Arizona. My husband lost his job. Have no money currently coming in. Do you know any resources I can investigate? Great question, Michelle! You are doing a wonderful thing here by helping people. You never know when your life can be turned up side down.

And there are so many people that understand that. And sometimes it is hard to ask for help when u have been self sufficient for the most part of your life.

I want to thank you for everything u do. Thank you so much, Ronda! I appreciate that you took the time to leave such a supportive comment. It made my day! Hi, I have a car but in need of mechanic service.

finding cars for low income people ct Finding cars for low income people ct
finding cars for low income people ct Finding cars for low income people ct
finding cars for low income people ct Finding cars for low income people ct
finding cars for low income people ct Finding cars for low income people ct
finding cars for low income people ct Finding cars for low income people ct

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