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Granddaughter could probably answer better than I, but I'll try. I get the feeling they knew all the Ciprianis, but that Frank and his family were the ones they were least close to since they had lived in Florida for a few years by the time of the fire. I think they were closer to Alma She, Jimmy, and Mary all lived in the area I believe. Edna had moved away at some point, I think to the Carolinas, but I'm not sure when.

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I heard wonderful things about Joseph Cipriani, Jennie's father who had passed away a year earlier, and know that Mr. Sodder respected him tremendously. I think they were probably fairly close to their grandmother, but I can't imagine her being involved in any way.

Messages: Likes Received: 36 Trophy Points: Many children in the 's were named after family members who had died or even were still living. May I ask, is it possible that the wife's brother named his daughter, Martha Lee after someone in the family, and is it possible that Mrs. Sodder did the same with her daughter? Maybe a grandma or a great grandparent that either died or was left behind in Italy? That would make sense. Also, Mary and Martha are both common names in Catholic and other Christian families, so that could be it also.

Someone in the Sodder family might be able to answer that better. I do believe from info I read on a genealogy message board that their Aunt Alma was named after her grandmother back in Italy. Birdie, did all the investigations in Florida result from the rumor that the children stayed at the Bree's overnight before being picked up by one of Mrs. Sodder's brothers? I could be wrong, but I think the Florida focus came after the story went national with the reward and tips started coming in.

I believe the first reported Cortez sighting was by a missionary down there who claimed to have been in the home and seen the children. There were apparently 5 witnesses who were quoted as saying they had seen them there, then later denied it. I'm pretty sure the Bennetts are 2 of the 5 counted. I just don't know whether they were all mistaken, lying for the reward, misquoted by unscrupulous PI's, or truthful at first but intimidated into recanting. Each of these seems like a possibility to me since I don't know much about the people involved.

The part about the Brees seemed to support the Cortez theory on the surface, but I don't think it started it all. I don't know which part was reported first. I was in contact today with the lady I've been talking to in Cortez, and she knows some of the children of people involved like the Bennetts and Evers , so I hope I'll be able to talk to them soon.

I'd like to take a few days to go back down there and meet a lot of people who might know something, but I doubt I can until after the holidays.

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I'll probably have to settle for email or phone right now. I just recieved an email from a woman who went to school at the right Walt Whitman school. She only went for a half a year but she even stayed at Louise Kreugar's home. She told me Louise was a wonderful person and asked me why I was interested in the school. I just sent her an email detailing the case. I hope she will get back to me. Perhaps, even though she was there for only a short time, perhaps she knew the Betty look a like. Cross your fingers, we may get lucky here. This database includes the Official Records index beginning at Book 1.

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birth records gainsville fl cipriani Birth records gainsville fl cipriani
birth records gainsville fl cipriani Birth records gainsville fl cipriani
birth records gainsville fl cipriani Birth records gainsville fl cipriani
birth records gainsville fl cipriani Birth records gainsville fl cipriani
birth records gainsville fl cipriani Birth records gainsville fl cipriani
birth records gainsville fl cipriani Birth records gainsville fl cipriani
birth records gainsville fl cipriani Birth records gainsville fl cipriani

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