Java find local ip address

Per section 3. Use of either toAddrString java.

InetAddress , InetAddress. This is because InetAddress. This function is similar to forString String , however, it requires that IPv6 addresses are surrounded by square brackets.

Getting the IP address of the current machine using Java – Max的程式語言筆記

This function is the inverse of toUriString java. An "IPv4 compatible", or "compat", address is one with 96 leading bits of zero, with the remaining 32 bits interpreted as an IPv4 address. These are conventionally represented in string literals as " For more on IPv4 compatible addresses see section 2. For more on 6to4 addresses see section 2 of RFC With other transition addresses spoofing involves at least infection of one's BGP routing table. For more on IPv4 mapped addresses see section 2. It is actually possible to avoid this using one of the obscure Inet6Address methods, but it would be unwise to depend on such a poorly-documented feature.

Parameters: ipString - String to be examined for embedded IPv4-mapped IPv6 address format Returns: true if the argument is a valid "mapped" address Since: This function does so by hashing the upper 64 bits into A "coerced" IPv4 address is equivalent to itself. NOTE: This function is failsafe for security purposes: ALL IPv6 addresses except localhost are hashed to avoid the security risk associated with extracting an embedded IPv4 address that might permit elevated privileges.

IPv6 addresses are coerced to IPv4 addresses before being converted to integers.


As long as there are applications that assume that all IP addresses are IPv4 addresses and can therefore be converted safely to integers for whatever purpose this function can be used to handle IPv6 addresses as well until the application is suitably fixed. They cannot be used as real addresses for the purposes of network communication. IPv4 address byte array must be 4 bytes long and IPv6 byte array must be 16 bytes long. This method works for both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses.

Returns: true if the InetAddress is either All Rights Reserved. Skip navigation links. Object com.

How to get my machine or local host IP address in Java?

Returns an integer representing an IPv4 address regardless of whether the supplied argument is an IPv4 address or not. You say its not the IP address of the current computer, but that is incorrect. When networked computers have a minimum of 2 IP addresses assigned to them; one for the localhost interface and one for the regular network interface.

It seems you're overlooking something here. All net. Feed it a hostname and it looks up the associated IP address. So if you want to know the public IP address of your computer just feed it the public hostname. I named my Windows machine 'plwin7', and when I feed that into net. Ah, OK. On my Mac, I put the name of the machine, and it returns the right IP address.

I did not realise this would work.

2. Output: IP Address from hostname in java (example)

But still this is not really perfect, because my patch then should get the name of the current machine. Do you have any clue? To be clear: This is about the IP address in a local network. For example, my Mac is attached to a router and the IP address is And what I want to do is getting this IP address automatically in Max.

But both [mxj net. Oops, you are right, tobiasros. The IP address I want to get is hidden there. One thing I'm still concerned is that I need to choose the right network interface.

Java IP address finder

It shows four interfaces on my Mac, and the one I need is "en0", but this will be surely different on other machines. But now I begin to wonder if this approach may not be reliable in certain occasions, for example there may be more than one network connections at the same time ethernet and wi-fi , and I need to choose one of them somehow.

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Anyway, thanks a lot for your help, ShelLuser and tobiasros!!! And its solved through the so called 'routing table'. This routing table is something you normally have no control over, but it tells the computer how it should reach the outside world. And to make sure you don't have to specify every goal on the planet there's also something as the 'default route'.

This basically tells your computer "if you can't reach the goal directly, use this interface or route, or So; I don't know what your exact goal is here but I do wonder if it isn't possible to skip the whole identification step and just go along to send out whatever you're after? Basically let the computer sort it all out. Aug 10 pm. Jun 28 pm. I'm looking for a unique moniker to use as an at least relatively unchanging identifier of the computer my patch is running on. If there was a way to get the actual name of the computer that would be ideal, but I thought I might be able to use the public IP address instead.

However the only abbreviation that returns an actual IP address, besides lo, is net6, and it is not my public IP according to sites like mypublicip.

Java find local ip address
Java find local ip address
Java find local ip address
Java find local ip address
Java find local ip address
Java find local ip address
Java find local ip address
Java find local ip address

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