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Our mediation services provide an alternative to traditional litigation that is far less costly both financially and emotionally. Through mediation, parties are able to resolve their issues amicably and in a fraction of the time it usually takes to bring your matter to court. Roseann is one of the few professional mediators in New Jersey who does this full-time. Mediation is her singular focus, and she works tirelessly to stay up-to-date on divorce and family law issues, so she can offer her clients innovative and cutting-edge solutions for the maximum benefit of all parties involved.

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Roseann also handles each mediation session personally, working closely with clients to bring their cases to successful conclusions. Jeff Bezos and his ex-wife MacKenzie are the wealthiest divorcees in American history, and maybe world history as well. Bezos is the founder of Amazon. Amazon, of course, is a well-known This is a question that business partners and co-owners in limited liability companies LLCs often fail to address. You start a business, and everyone is committed to its success. All the partners are healthy and vibrant, and you are working hour days just to get My lawyer recommended Advanced Mediation Solutions vs.

Roseann was fantastic.

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She is friendly, knowledgeable, efficient, flexible, honest, unbiased, and well organized. She provided a calming environment, but she gets results; we were able to amicably complete the process in a couple of sessions. I highly recommend Advanced Mediation Solutions! Thank you, Roseann.

Does Divorce Mediation in NJ Actually Work?

Read more. The mediation and legal communities, as well as the New Jersey courts, acknowledge Anju as one of the most experienced and competent mediators in the region. When people talk about divorce mediation in Hudson, Hunterdon and neighboring counties, Anju's name comes up time and again, from multiple sources, as a trusted resource, colleague and service provider. Please visit our Clinton page and Hoboken page for more information, including directions and parking information for each location.

New Jersey Divorce Mediation Locations

We can mediate any New Jersey or New York divorce through these offices, as there is no requirement that your mediation be held in the county that you reside. We are also willing to meet at your attorney's offices. We are completely familiar with the divorce and child support issues that relate to New Jersey and New York cases. This is very important as family law is specific to each state, with nuances that can make a significant difference to the outcome of your case.

Our Divorce Mediation page provides more detailed explanation of the divorce mediation process, including a list of documents you might need to provide to your mediator at a later date. Additionally, for complex and high conflict cases, we offer collaborative mediation services , a hybrid of mediation and collaborative law, where we work with the clients directly, but have periodic five-way meetings with our clients and their attorneys, at critical junctures in the mediation process.

We also specialize in providing post-divorce mediation services. Changes in circumstances as well as the child's age may necessitate new arrangements. Because of our urban locations, we have significant experience mediating conflicts for clients with different socioeconomic, cultural, ethnic and religious backgrounds. We provide mediation to families, stepfamilies, conflicts regarding college choice and funding, domestic partners, civil unions, roommate disputes, never married couples, grandparents, and extended families, and are gay friendly. This can be especially helpful for clients going through court-ordered mediation.

The advantages of divorce mediation in New Jersey

We are also registered through the Central Contractor Registration database with the U. Federal Government for government mediation assignments including with the United States Department of Agriculture. On a private basis, we offer business mediation services through Executive Mediator Services EMS , an organization of highly experienced executives in business, commerce and the professions, that helps resolve disputes and close deals by mediation, online, on-site, worldwide.

Divorce Mediation NJ & Equitable Mediation FAQ's:

As an experienced mediator, Anju serves as a mentor to new mediators seeking co-mediation experience to qualify for admission to the roster of AOC mediators. She has also served as an instructor for training classes in Advanced Civil Mediation, as well as a facilitator for the Union County's annual civil mediation training program. Watch T elevision Broadcast:. Click to Watch Anju D. Connect on Social Media:. New Jersey family law can be complex and overwhelming.

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Download your free Divorce Guide. Mediation Sessions During these sessions, your mediator will provide you and your former spouse with a safe place to communicate to help you create options for resolution and to help you think about open issues from various perspectives. While the first mediation session is always a joint one, the mediator will continue on with either individual or joint sessions as agreed until the settlement is reached. Post-Mediation Once your mediation sessions end, your mediator will prepare summary letters for both clients, as well as a memorandum of understanding, which incorporates the critical points of the agreement reached between the parties.

Once the parties sign the memorandum of understanding, it becomes a binding contract. As you are aware my ex-wife and I decided to separate in December and asked you to provide mediation to help me through a divorce. During our first meeting, you outlined the mediation process and gathered all the relevant information needed to start moving forward.

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During the course of our six plus meetings, you clearly stated the laws around alimony, child care and support and division of assets that would be necessary to formally end the marriage. It was then up to my ex-wife and me to determine which direction we wanted to go and what we were willing to accept and give up. Your mediation skills came to light when you forced my ex and me to have dialog in your office, one on one, while you remained the neutral party.

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  • The Basics of Divorce Mediation in NJ.
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divorce mediation in new jersey Divorce mediation in new jersey
divorce mediation in new jersey Divorce mediation in new jersey
divorce mediation in new jersey Divorce mediation in new jersey
divorce mediation in new jersey Divorce mediation in new jersey
divorce mediation in new jersey Divorce mediation in new jersey
divorce mediation in new jersey Divorce mediation in new jersey
divorce mediation in new jersey Divorce mediation in new jersey
divorce mediation in new jersey Divorce mediation in new jersey
Divorce mediation in new jersey

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